Thursday Mixtape | Nearly 150 Songs That Have Their Act Together (Side 3)


I interviewed two artists on Zoom today. One was sitting in front of a computer in their home studio. The other was holding a cellphone while sitting in a van outside a hotel, with the blazing sun obliterating half their face and a connection that froze or dropped out every 30 seconds. Guess which one was wasting their time (and mine)? But I’m not wasting a moment of your time with these 150 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else (and especially not in a hotel parking lot). Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🎥. Roll ’em:



1🎥 Roadwolf | On The Run

2🎥 Silverstein | Poison Pill

3Tanus | Abyss

4Subway To Salle | Weit Ist das Meer

5Hämärä | Hardly Awake

6DeadFlight | Won’t See Heaven

7Judith Allice | Person That I Hate

8The Tongue Of Eden | Reprehensible

9Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall | Holy Ground

10Endonomos | Weary

11Night Demon | Beyond The Grave

12Second Day | Eiram

13Nightmarer | Hammer of Desolation

14🎥 Jeromes Dream | South by Isolation

15Babymetal | Mirror Mirror

16As Everything Unfolds | Slow Down

17Medevil | Dead Before Birth

18Lethvm | Night

19Kuoleman Galleria | Pedon Synty

20Skinher | You Are Next!

21🎥 Oreyeon | Wheel Fall

22Vak | Panorama + The Map

23Kaksonen | Kaukana Kaikesta

24Hitbox | Grief Inheritance

25Hemplifier | Brujo