Tuesday Mixtape | More Than 150 Songs That Are Out Of This World (Side 3)

Hey, remember that time an online poll chose Ozzy Osbourne as the best person to welcome aliens to Earth? Me neither. But it happened — 19 years ago today, to be exact. Fingers crossed that ET arrives before Ozzy departs — I don’t think anybody wants Sharon to take over that gig. Anyway, here’s something that might be more memorable — more than 150 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, unburied treasures, golden oldies and live performances, most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 👽. They come in peace:



1👽 Angus McSix | Sixcalibur

2👽 Dimwind | Days Subside Ablaze

3👽 Rise Against | Give It All (Nowhere Sessions Live)

4Mantra Of Morta | Snake Charmer

5Another Day Dawns | Bitter

6Who On Earth | Ascension / Unbeaten

7Marianas Rest | Light Reveals Our Wounds

8👽 Synapse | La Bikina

9Luna Kills | Deep Cuts

10Ontborg | Steps Of Damnation

11👽 Becko Skie | Follow The White R@bbit (ft. Hoshikuma)

12Trevor’s Hεad | Call Of The Deep

13Mantra Of Morta | Snake Charmer

14Frenzy | Uncompromised

15Fall Of Earth | Block Out The Sun

16👽 Blue Heron | Able Baker

17Immortal | War Against All

18👽 Gel | Dicey

19Patch Kid | Double Knot

20Jon Of Mars | MisinformedNation

21Out of the Mouth of Graves | Requiem Inversion

22👽 Sea Of Flame | Loper

23Voidceremony | Abyssic Knowledge Bequeathed