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Now Hear This: Ulaan Khol | Milk Thistle

Underground guitar hero Steven R. Smith plugs in, cuts loose and heads for the edge of forever with a six-pack of high-flying psychedelic guitar-rock instrumental flights.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Steven R. Smith has been releasing music as a member of bands (Mirza, Thuja) and as a solo artist under his own name and various monikers (Hala Strana, Ulaan Passerine, Ulaan Khol, etc.) for nearly 27 years.

Milk Thistle marks the eighth full-length release as Ulaan Khol. Following up from 2019’s Collapsing Hymns, we find Smith shifting into his most blown-out recordings yet akin to classic releases by White Heaven, Les Rallizes Denudes, and the heavier end of Popol Vuh.”