Tinnitist TV | Episode 78: Satchel Of Steel Panther

The hair-metal guitar hero talks sex toys, his cocaine diet, senior boob jobs & more.

As I’ve said before, I am fairly sure I was the first Canadian journalist to interview Steel Panther. Shortly after the release of their ridiculously raunchy 2009 debut Feel The Steel, I spoke to frontman Michael Starr — supposedly while he was at the doctor being treated for an STD.

Nearly 15 years (and who knows how many STDs) later, the clown princes of L.A. sleaze-rock haven’t changed their tune in the slightest. On their sixth studio album On The Prowl, they’re still cranking out wild hair-metal odes to sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, complete with fearsome guitar shredding, tight-trousered vocals and lyrics offensive enough to make David Lee Roth blush.

Clearly, it was high time to check back in with these unrepentantly filthy musical comedians. So I got guitarist and chief songwriter Satchel to Zoom in from his mom’s Las Vegas basement to discuss three-word album titles, tiny guitars, the importance of being offensive, getting his face tattooed on his ass and much, much more. Buckle up, kids; this one is a wild ride. And probably a little NSFW — as if you didn’t already know.