Fog Blues & Brass Band Wonder: Why Get Up?

The Kitchener septet's latest single urges you to dance now and worry tomorrow.

Fog Blues & Brass Band put some pep in your step with their rousing single and video Why Get Up — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Kitchener septet capture the wild energy of a Saturday night at a packed blues bar into their latest single. And it’s no accident — the blues banger came to life in front of an audience before it ever saw the inside of a recording studio.

Contrary to its title, Why Get Up is a testament to the band’s ability to bring audiences to their feet. The traditional blues lyrics bemoan tough times — “Why get up? Rent’s due but I can’t pay / Life keeps kickin’ me down / Like I’m one foot in the grave” — but the driving music delivers a different message: Dance now, worry tomorrow.

Why Get Up is a true ensemble effort that seamlessly showcases each of the seasoned band members’ musical chops. Vocalist Hilliard “Hills” Walter leads Al Hosack on bass, Domenic DiNino on drums, Bobby Becker on keys, Dan Jancar on saxophones, Joe Dublanski on alto saxophone and Tim Palsar on guitar.

Not only is performing Why Get Up a team endeavour; the songwriting process was too. When one band member came to rehearsal with a rough demo of the song, the other six were quick to put their own stamp on the tune. When they performed it live, the reaction was so huge that they decided to head to the studio. They enlisted Emmy winner Don Breithaupt to arrange the four-piece horn parts, while producer / engineer John “Beetle” Bailey, a Juno and Grammy winner, perfected the sound. What emerged was a traditional blues song that banishes the blues.

Fog Blues & Brass Band are fresh off the heels of their successful debut album Into The Fog. The LP earned them nods for their unique spin on the traditional rock and blues sound, encompassing commanding vocals, harmonies, guitars, keys and horns. Each single off the 2018 album has garnered radio play in Canada and abroad.

Watch Why Get Up above, hear more from Fog Blues & Brass Band below, and get on up at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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