Monday Mixtape | 64 New Songs To Help You Forget The Grammys (Side 3)


Things I enjoyed about this year’s Grammy Awards:

1 | The hip-hop tribute, of course (though I would have preferred 50 artists to reflect the 50 years);

2 | Seeing a flabbergasted Bonnie Raitt win Song Of The Year for Just Like That (along with another award for a song written by Winnipeg’s own Bros. Landreth);

3 | Watching homophobes predictably lose their shit over Kim Petras and Sam Smith;

4 | Watching the Beyoncé cult predictably lose their shit over Harry StylesAlbum Of The Year victory;

5 | Watching the moronic Chris Brown ask “who the fuck” Robert Glasper is;

6 | Seeing Shania Twain, Lizzo and Sam Smith sport red-carpet outfits which could best be described as Farm Witch, Melting Marmalade Volcano and Boy George Goes To Hell — and which made you nostalgic for the subtlety and sophistication of Lady Gaga’s raw-meat dress;

7 | The sure-to-be-far-too-short-lived calm that descends on the music biz the day after — as reflected in today’s comparatively tiny collection of 64 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied classics and live performances. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🏆. And the winners are:



1🏆 Deadwolff | Homeward Bound

2Wildstreet | Hot Lyxx (ft. Zenora & Mickey Lyxx)

3Motive Black | Caged

4Wolfheart | Fires Of The Fallen

5Element Eighty | Outsider

6🏆 Lucias Malcolm | No Spoilers, But Everyone Dies At The End

7Initiate | Alone At The Bottom

8Wig Wam | Forevermore

9Robin McAuley | Can’t Go On

10Malus Dextra | Pit Lyric

11Burner | Hurt Locker

12Mast Year | Knife