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Albums Of The Week: Elle King | Come Get Your Wife

After two albums of rough-hewn root-rock, blues & pop, the singer-songwriter goes full-on country — and pulls it off thanks to her powerhouse vocals & sharp songcraft.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The road to Elle King’s third album Come Get Your Wife is not one you would find on Google Maps. It’s full of dirt roads from her youth spent in rural Ohio (a nod to that on the album’s opening track), potholes and bumper-to-bumper traffic on the streets in New York and L.A. — and some uncharted routes to London and Nashville.

The new project pulls from all that influence and life lived on the road, and the result is a dozen authentic tracks that could be the musical autobiography of her life. “This whole album is a crazy quilt of all sorts of moments and things that might not seem to go together, but because they’re me, they do,” says King. “It’s very Southern Ohio, very who we are — and very much a lot of people who are just like me, because I know they’re out there.”

Come Get Your Wife sharpens King’s gaze, digs into her roots, puts her banjo front and center and creates a record that’s as alive and electric as she is. Taking all the pieces — the rock, soul, (blue)grass and country that she loves — she’s made an album that demands your attention, then delivers on all cylinders.

The first single Try Jesus is an irreverent but not blasphemous song that finds her looking for a fulfilling relationship as all the guys in her life are letting her down. “Try Jesus came at a time I was trying to give my life over to something greater — and you can feel it,” says King. The tongue-in-cheek song is awash in thick gospel choir wail with just enough church organ to witness.

A song this fresh needed a video needed that same sass and fun, so King reached out to a co-star of her favourite series. “The Righteous Gemstones is one of my favorite shows and I adore and have a hell-a respect for Edi Patterson, who plays Judy Gemstone,” says King. “She responded quickly to my DM and said she would love to work together. She came up with the concept and believe it or not this is her directorial debut! She’s such a pro and brought this energy, focus and joy to the set and I’m so excited this video is finally out!” Of the video, Patterson added, “My goal with the concept for this video and for the execution of it was to have an idea that helped Elle feel totally free to be completely gorgeous and wildly funny. Spoiler alert: She’s really, really good at both.”

The multi-platinum, award-winning King has amassed nearly 1.7 billion streams worldwide, including over 275 million for her recent Platinum hit Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home) with Miranda Lambert. The track was named a finalist for Top Rock Song at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and was also nominated for a Grammy Award (her fourth nomination), a CMA Award, two CMT Music Awards and was the recent recipient of the Video Of The Year Award at the 57th ACM Awards (a second joint win for the pair).”