Weekend Mixtape | 200+ New Songs That Get The Job Done (Side 7)


It’s definitely been one of those days around here. But amid everything that went wrong, here are the things that didn’t: More than 200 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies and live performances of all styles and stripes — including dozens you won’t catch anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🍺 because that’s the next thing on my schedule. Cheers:



1The Hello Darlins | Better Days (ft. Dave Fenley)

2Smokey | Horsecock

3Lisa O’Neill | Silver Seed

4Vicki Brittle | 20 Somethin’

5Reid Haughton | Day You Don’t

6Pitchtorch | Ask The Dust (ft. Joachim Cooder)

7Jordan Davis | No Time Soon

8Tyler Hubbard | Dancin’ In The Country

9Rebecca Bowen | Glitter

10Far From Saints | Let’s Turn This Back Around

11Tauren Wells, Elevation Worship | Joy In The Morning (Worship Version)

12American Authors | Best Night of My Life

13Eric Bibb | 500 Miles

14Gatlin | Still Not Me

15Caroline Spence | Mary Oliver (Acoustic)

16Sam Tinnesz | Spaced Out (ft. Nick Wheeler)

17Doug Levitt | Highway Signs

18🍺 Freakwater | Fullerene

19🍺 American Thrills | Alive and Well + Regular Blokes (Acoustic Takes)

20Benjamin Dakota Rogers | Maggie

21Angela Saini | It’s Ok

22Sabrina Sekuloski | Red Convertible

23Erika Olson | Mom Life

24Brandi Vezina | Dodged A Bullet

25Paul McCann | Love Is All That Matters (ft. Sylvie Lewis and Gary Lucas)

26Gae Vinci | My Favorite Color

27Vista House | King Of Rock N Roll

28Cliff Hillis | Oh, Dan Bern (ft. Dan Bern)