Atlas To Earth Grants Kele Fleming A Massive Reprieve With Remix

The B.C. singer-songwriter's single returns as an undeniable, transfixing club banger.


Kele Fleming and Atlas To Earth continue to fuse singer-songwriter and synthwave styles with with latest collaboration Reprieve (Atlas To Earth Remix) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A tremendous departure from the indie-folk of the original track — as heard on Fleming’s 2020 album The Song I Will Write for My Whole Life — this remix surrounds her soaring, stormy vocals with pulsating synths and heavy breathing, crafting an undeniably hypnotic, techno-influenced trance-banger on the level of Röyksopp and Justice.

“For this remix, I wanted to capture the emotion of the original yet bring it into a new light,” said Brent Janzen, aka Atlas To Earth. “The lyrics are poetic and deep, while the concept of a reprieve offers a sense of total relief. To capture this, I kept the remix on the intense side, while the grander parts instil a feeling of dancing and freedom within a darker context.”

In her solo music, Fleming gracefully weaves the vulnerability of traditional folk with the raw power of rock ’n’ roll, forging a sound reminiscent of the works of Neko Case, Lucinda Williams and Kate Bush — though ultimately her sound is entirely her own. As a songwriter, Fleming is sincere, heartfelt, and bold, exposing the inner workings of her soul through her craft.

You may recognize her as a member of Hazel Motes, whose music emanated a ferocious haunting quality and helped shape Vancouver’s early ’90s indie scene. Her solo work is inspired by navigating life as a queer woman, casting off the shackles of our modern world, and as an environmentalist, giving a voice to the pain Mother Nature feels from what humanity has done to her.

Check out Reprieve (Atlas To Earth Remix) above, hear more from Kele Fleming below, and keep up with her at her website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.