Your Ex And I Raise A Toast For All The Loves

The ascendant Montreal rockers' debut single has an ’80s British synth-rock feel.


Your Ex And I drown their sorrows and sing For All The Loves they’ve lost in their new single and lyric video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A high fidelity wall of radio-ready sound that’s dark yet danceable, polished but never too slick, the Montreal rockers’ debut single has an ’80s British synth-rock feel, thanks to interlocking synths and guitars that underpin and propel singer Danny’s dramatic chronicle the end of an affair.

For All The Loves is accompanied by an eye-catching video that incorporates footage from the German horror film Nosferatu, a classic that turns 100 this year. “We had a low budget, so we needed to find something in the public domain that was royalty-free,” says Danny. The band’s lyricist “Gor pushed for Nosferatu for the video. He spent countless hours chopping up footage to fit with all the lyrics.”

The material on their forthcoming self-titled EP Your Ex And I will expand on their irresistible mix of melody and muscle. Two more singles from the EP are due in February, with still more arriving later in 2023. The combination of ’80s synth lines, fat bass hooks, driving indie-rock guitars and skillful use of both vintage analog and modern gear are the framwork for their coherent and compelling sound and vision.

The mysterious comrades in Your Ex And I — frontman/keyboardist Danny, lyricist Gor, bassist Guillaume, guitarist Frank and drummer Simon — have all paid their dues playing and working in musical fields and are suitably realistic about their motives and goals. “We are not kids dreaming in technicolor,” Danny says. “We came together with the right people and the right vibe, so it was ‘let’s all have fun with this.’ ”

That approach organically expanded as the band realized the strength of the material they were creating. After intensive rehearsals, recording sessions followed at La Salle des Machines, a studio filled with vintage analog gear, tape decks and tube pre-amps. “When we started jamming and rehearsing around 2018,” Danny says. “We weren’t planning an album, but the more we worked together, the more people heard our tunes and said, ‘Guys, you have to release this.’ ”

Watch the For All The Loves lyric video above, listen to the song below, and meet Your Ex And I at their website, Facebook and Instagram.