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Next Week in Music | Nov. 14-20 • The Long List: 380+ Releases On The Way

All the music heading straight for your playlist in the coming days — and then some.


Between the recent deaths of PiL / Clash guitarist Keith Levene and Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner — and the fact that Nov. 13 is the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attack during Eagles Of Death Metal’s Bataclan show in Paris — there isn’t a lot to celebrate this week. Except, perhaps, for the impending arrival of these 380-plus new new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes:



Acidgvrl | Semtex
Airospace | You’re a Liar and You Suck, Who Would Love You?
Mose Allison | Live 1978
American Thrills | Parted Ways
&on&on | Mentalphysics EP
Angèle | Nonante-Cinq La Suite
Animal Collective | The Inspection Soundtrack
The Animals | Retrospective
APB | Something To Believe In Reissue
Arkæon | Parasit
Joan Armatrading | Live at Asylum Chapel
Jordan Armstrong | Dual
Gwyn Ashton | Mojosoul
Atreyu | Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses Vinyl Reissue
Daniel Bachman | Almanac Behind
Badge Époque Ensemble & Lammping | Clouds of Joy: Chance of Reign
Badlands | Call To Love
Eszter Balint | I Hate Memory
Baltra | Where I End EP
Band For Sale | Sleeping Sun, Waking Moon
Noah Barker | Instrumental Memory
Nessa Barrett | Young Forever (Extended)
Maria BC | Hyaline Remixes
The Beach Boys | Sail On Sailor: 1972 Box Set
BenBen | Algorithmia EP
Los Bitchos | Let The Festivities Begin! (Los Chrismos Edition) EP
Black Lava | Soul Furnace
Blackbirds FC | Magiclands
Blacklisters | Leisure Centre
Black Sabbath | Mob Rules Deluxe Edition
Brian Blake | Book of Life
Alicia Blue | Inner Child Work Part 2
Bluetech | Octopod Metropolis
Bones In Butter | Down But Not Out Single
Borders | Bloom Season
Born At Midnite | Alternity EP
Bothers | II
David Bowie | Moonage Daydream: A Film by Brett Morgen Soundtrack
Brakence | Bugging
The Brains | Satana Tarantula
Patricia Brennan | More Touch
Gianni Brezzo | Amoria
Brockhampton | The Family
Apollo Brown & Philmore Greene | Cost Of Living
Burnt Out Wreck | Stand And Fight
C&K | CK Oily
David Lance Callahan | English Primitive II
Candlemass | Sweet Evil Sun
Captain Caravan and Kaiser | Turned To Stone Chapter 6 Split EP
Brad Carl | Bad Men Of Good Fortune
Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls | I’ll Put My Voodoo On You
Carpetgarden | WTF Is Even Goung On? EP
Carrellee | Scale of Dreams
Cautious Clay | Thin Ice On The Cake
Cigarettes After Sex | Pistol
Clem Snide | Ghost Of Fashion Vinyl Reissue
Clem Snide | Your Favorite Music Vinyl Reissue
Clouds in a Headlock | Breakfast in Phantasia
Michael Cormier-O’Leary | Heard From The Next Room
Chino Corvalán | Endless Era
Crest | Riptide
Noraj Cue and Anton Tumas | Ode to Life Formation
Greg Dallas & Jan Esbra | Confluence
Richard Dawson | The Ruby Cord
Deadletter | Heat! EP
Deathstorm | Swarming
Emmanuel de la Paix | Terre Brûlée
Eric Demmer | So Fine
Desecrate The Faith | III
Honey Dijon | Black Girl Magic
Jared Dines | The Grey
Francesco Diodati, Leïla Martial, Stefano Tamborrino | Oliphantre
Disturbed | Divisive
Doctor Doom | A Shadow Called Danger
DOMii | Let Me Get Down / Time For Your Mind
Doodseskader | Year One
Doomsday | Depictions of Chaos
Dezron Douglas | Atalaya
Saoirse Dream | Star​★​☆
Dr. Veers | Deep Glue Sea
DVNO | Man On A Wire
Eartheater | Trinity Deluxe Edition
Dave East | Book of David
Echo & The Bunnymen | Evergreen 25th Anniversary Edition
Edgar Déception | Clown Clown Dead
Egg Meat | Egg Meat
Peter Eldh | Bergman LL (ft. Savahhan Harris)
Catherine Elms | I Have Seen It, I Do Not Fear It
Emapea | Still Got It
Enemy Eyes | History’s Hand
Enhypen | Sadame
Enol | Ocho Estrellas
Epres | Reflektorfény
Erasure | Erasure Expanded Edition
Ernia | Io Non Ho Paura
Matt Evans | Soft Science
Evenn | One For Love EP
Everest Magma | Alto/Piano
Exploratorium | Exploratorium Expanded Reissue
Ex Norwegian | On The Sidelines: The Albums 2015​-​2017
Lauren Falls | A Little Louder Now
Fastway | A’s & B’s: The Sony Years
Fäust | Death From Beyond
Faustian | Faustian
Feldermelder | Euphoric Attempts
Heather Ferguson | Lush Life
Field School | When Summer Comes
Fields We Found | Trust
First Timers | Three Day Weekend / Out The Sheath
Fletcher | Girl Of My Dreams Deluxe Edition
Flying Burrito Brothers | Live at the Bottom Line NYC 1976
Foehammer | Monumentum
Footshooter | Afterglow FM
Forceed | Ivory Marsh
Fortíð | Dómur Um Dauðan Hvern
Ruthie Foster | Healing Time
Fousheé | Softcore
Neal Francis | Sentimental Garbage EP
Fuzzy Brains | The Less I Know
Helen Ganya | Polish The Machine
Gatherers | (mutilator.)
Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell | Burn Deluxe Edition
Debbie Gibson | Body Mind Soul Expanded Edition
Grandier | The Scorn And Grace Of Crows
Domanique Grant | Queen/Dom Chapter 2: Dom EP
Grave Of Sacrifice | Land Of Decay EP
Green Heart & Yung Alvin | Talán
Peter Green | In the Skies Expanded Edition
Vince Guaraldi Trio | Jazz Impressions Of Black Orpheus: Deluxe Edition
Habibi | Anywhere But Here Deluxe Reissue
Habibi | Habibi Deluxe Reissue
Hanford Reach | Ephemera
Julie Hanney | Synchronicity
Harry The Nightgown | Airy The Light Cloud EP
Headache24 | Avoid Danger
The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Los Angeles Forum: April 26, 1969
High Noon Kahuna | Killing Spree
Andrew Hill | Point of Departure Vinyl Reissue
Eric Hilton | Present Past and Future EP
Hooverian Blur | Panic Trax EP
Hundredmillionthousand | Attention Span
Hunny | Homesick Deluxe EP
Hyperdrive Stereo | Greatest Destroyer Of Love
Iapetus | Retiro e Ritmo
Iftin Band | Mogadishu’s Finest: The Al​-​Uruba Sessions
Andreas Ihlebæk | Nowhere Everything
Imaabs & Zutzut | Desiring Codes
Incantvm | Strigae
InHappy | Falling
Instant House | Lost Horizons
Iron Maiden | The Number Of The Beast Triple Vinyl Reissue
Chris Isaak | Everybody Knows It’s Christmas
Isla Oiseau | Barque EP
Isomonstrosity | Isomonstrosity
Jabu | Boiling Wells (demos ’19​-​’22)
Jacklen Ro | Sunshine I’m Counting On You
Michael Jackson | Thriller 40
Jakey | Romcom
Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes | Home
Zola Jesus | Alive in Cappadocia
James Johnston / Steve Gullick | Everybody’s Sunset
Elvin Jones Revival | Live At Pookie’s Pub
Juga-naut | Time & Place
Doon Kanda | Galatea
Karolina | All Rivers
Karu | An Imaginary Journey
Mari Kattman | Fever Shakes
Jack Kays | Cessation
Grace Kelly | All That I Need
Jim Keltner, Mike Watt & Mike Baggetta | Everywhen We Go
Dermot Kennedy | Sonder
Nadine Khouri | Another Life
Kid Cudi | Entergalactic Vinyl
Tommy Kill | Dunce Flounder EP
Taylor Kingman | Hollow Sound
KISS | Creatures Of The Night Super Deluxe Edition
Kmoe | Homesick
Ember Knight | Radio God Single
Tom Knight | Look Both Ways
Yasuhiro Kohno Trio + One | Song of Island
Bret Koontz & Truancy Club | A Sparkle Road Cult
Koyo | Ten Digits Away
Krill | Alam No Hris Vinyl Reissue
Kubix | Guitar Chant
Laces Out | Here at the Ashram
Sarah Lee Langford & Will Stewart | Back Luck & Love
Last Year’s Man | Time is a Sparrow
The Laughing Chimes | Zoo Avenue EP
Lawrence Le Doux | Insula Dulcamara
Amos Lee | My Ideal
Peggy Lee | Norma Deloris Egstrom From Jamestown, North Dakota Reissue
Leo/Need | From Tokyo / Ryuusei no Pulse
Leonhart Brass Band | Snake Oil b​​​/​​​w Shammgod
Let Spin | Thick As Thieves
Lil Maru | From Me 2 You EP
Lil Squeaky | Art (Schwizzle Album Remix)
Love, Ulysses | 61,265,147
Lowlife | Payday
Lua Trilogy! | Sunset / Nights / Sunrise!
Lugosi | Inconsolable
Ajsa Luna | Jobban, Mint Az Epret
Lunar | Floydberg
Kilynn Lunsford | Custodians Of Human Succession
Malibu | Palaces of Pity
Malibu Babie | Malibu Babie SZN Vol 1 EP
Mandrake Handshake | The Triple Point of Water EP
Ren Marabou & The Berserkers | Odin (Songs for the All Father)
M&R Rush | Good​-​Bye City Lights EP
Cory Marks | I Rise EP
Paul McCann | Divide And Conquer Single
Scotty McCreery | Same Truck: The Double Album
Loreena McKennitt | Under A Winter’s Moon
The Real McKenzies | Songs of the Highlands, Songs of the Sea
Menagramo | Menagramo
The Messenger Birds | Tragic Comedy
Anna Mieke | Theatre
Mr Ben & the Bens | Good Day For Drying
Hedvig Mollestad & Trondheim Jazz Orchestra | Maternity Beat
Grachan Moncur III | Evolution Vinyl Reissue
The Monkees | Headquarters Super Deluxe Edition
Mourning | Unhonoured Prophecy
Mourning Noise | At The Seville EP
Movulango | Mirror In Man
Nakayama Munetoshi | Court
Rob Munk | Phased Out
Narkosis & Alkaline Pink | Cauldron Of Woe
Necronomicon | Tips Zum Selbstmord Reissue
Willie Nelson | Willie Nelson Live At Budokan
New Cool Collective ft. Tony Allen | Trippin’ Reissue
Nichunimu | Un Cacho de Metal, Un Resto de Vaivén
Nickelback | Get Rollin’
Nico | Si
Nito NB | Fashionably Late
Nix & The Nothings | Here Goes Nothing
Nonnie | Another Railway Day
No One Knows Who Did This | (Again)
No Zu | Heat Beat EP
Nytt Land | Ritual: Blood Of The West
Olivia O’Brien | A Means To An End
Omnifariam | The Summoning
Omni Of Halos | Omni Of Halos
Ono | Kate Cincinnati
The Ostara Project | The Ostara Project
Gilbert O’Sullivan | The Best Of
Ovrscn | Dirac Sea
Kaash Paige | S2ML (Soundtrack 2 My Life)
Dolly Parton | Diamonds & Rhinestones: Greatest Hits
Pearls Before Swine | Wizard Of Is Reissue
Pendant | Caustic Pop Remixes EP
Phony Ppl | Euphonyus
Pole | Tempus
Poly-Math | Zenith
Poo Bear | Book of Nabeel
Poor Performer | Like Yer Wounds Too
Postage | LP2
The Prescriptions | Time Apart
Pretzil Stex | Garden Variety
Pulse Emitter | Dusk
Pursuer | Demo 2022
Queen | The Miracle Collector’s Edition
Adrian Quesada | Jaguar Sound
Rampage | Veil of Mourn
Rauelsson and Tatu Rönkkö | Myriadi
Ziv Ravitz, Lionel Loueke | Within this Stone
Raychell | Don’t Give Up
Relmer | H2O
The Residents | Triple Trouble Soundtrack
Rich Homie Quan | Family & Mula Reloaded
Roddy Ricch | Feed The Streets III
Rider/Horse | Feed ‘Em Salt
André Rieu And His Johann Strauss Orchestra | Silver Bells
Risingfall | Rise of Fall
RJ & The Riots | RJ & The Riots
Alvaro Rojas | Music for 22
Caitlin Rose | Cazimi
Röyksopp | Profound Mysteries Vol. 3
Rozzi | Berry Deluxe
Sam Ryder | There’s Nothing But Space, Man!
Saint Asonia | Extrovert
Saint Jude | Signal
Garrett Saracho, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad | Jazz Is Dead 015
Satl | Gloom
Savage Republic | Africa Corps Live From The Whiskey A Go Go 30th December 1981
SCH | Autobahn
Günter Schlienz | Current
Scriptures | Ghostland
Self-Cut Bangs | Circle Around The Free
7MND | Cataclysm
17 Crash | Stamina
Sexo Y Fantasia | Oneirotic
Alexei Shishkin | Songs From The Money Pit
Shouldies | 😉
Sicky | Garbage Town
Taylor Simpson | New Sights In A Familiar Place
-(16)- | Into Dust
616 | Cinderella Valentine
6363 | Elveszett!!4!
Skythala | Boreal Despair
Slumberland & Sainkho Namtchylak | Lightkeeper
Smashing Pumpkins | Atum: Act 1
Smirk | Material
The Smithereens | Christmas With The Smithereens Green Vinyl
Shake Chain | Snake Chain
Sneaks | The Eva EP
Snøgg | Meltdown
Soen | Atlantis
Soft Blue Shimmer | Love Lives In The Body
Solitär | Bus Driver Immigrant
Solomon Burke | Don’t Give Up On Me Reissue
Soulside | A Brief Moment in The Sun
Speglas | Time, Futility & Death
Spinefarm | Extrovert EP
Stage Name | Happiest Day
Ringo Starr | EP3 Cassette & Vinyl
Colin Stetson | The Menu Soundtrack
Russell Stewart | Into View EP
Stone | Punkadonk
The Stone Foxes | On The Other Side
Gillian Stone | Spirit Photographs EP
Angela Strehli | Ace Of Blues
Billy Strings | Me / And / Dad
Subsonic Eye | Melt the Wax
Sunda Arc | Night Lands
Sunking | Smug
Maharadja Sweets | Whatever Dreamy Void
Swr.quinn | Once Again Deluxe
Tallah | The Generation of Danger
Tape Trash | Old Highs Single
Taranoya | Flying
Tavat | Tavat
Thaiboy Digital | Back 2 Life
38 Spesh & HarryFraud | Beyond Belief
ThoughtCast | Nimbus in Motion
Threshold | Dividing Lines
Thy Listless Heart | Pilgrims on the Path of no Return
Aleyna Tilki | Tanırım Intiharı
Lewis Tivey | Freudian Slip Single
Tokio Hotel | 2001
Sean Trelford | Care Home Party
Trevena | Distant Lights
True Body | Temple of Song
Tukan | Atoll
Tula Vera | Shape Shifter EP
Luigi Turra + Belinda Guerriero | Ressac
U.D.O. I The Legacy
Unleash The Archers | Apex Fifth Anniversary Edition
Ura | Baby With A Halo
Marc Urselli’s SteppenDoom | SteppenDoom
Vado | Long Run Vol. 3
Various Artists | Sun Records’ 70th Anniversary Vol. 3: Curated by Ben Vaughn
Various Artists | Daniel Vangarde: The Vaults of Zagora Records Mastermind (1971​-​1984)
Various Artists / Nicola Cruz | Fabric Presents Nicola Cruz
Veps | Oslo Park
Viceral | The Tree Of Venomous Fruit
Violin | Violin
Vive Les Cônes | De France
Vmrrobotic | Distant
Ian Wayne | I Can’t Sleep
Ryan Wayne | Wherever You Land Single
We Are Magonia | Triangle Unicode
Weeping Icon | Ocelli EP
Mary Wells | My Guy Single Reissue
Drew Wesely | Blank Body
Weyes Blood | And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow
Pharrell Williams | Down In Atlanta
Sam Williams | Glasshouse Children: Tilted Crown
Wendy O. Williams | Life And F’ing Loud From London!
The Windowsill | Focus
The Winston Brothers | Drift
Witchfinder | Forgotten Mansion
Witchunter | Metal Dream
Woo!ah! | Pit-a-Pat
Wolves at the Gate | Lowborn EP
The Wombats | Is This What It Feels Like To Feel Like This? EP
Alisa Xayalith | Superpowers EP
Eri Yamamoto Trio | A Woman With A Purple Wig
Yoasobi | E-Side 2 EP
DJ Yoda | Prom Nite
Andrew York | One Night In Rome
YoungBoy Never Broke Again | AI YoungBoy 3
Neil Young and Crazy Horse | World Record
Your Favorite Martian | This Is Why I’m Single
Yungmorpheus | Burnished Sums EP
Pari Zangeneh | The Series of Music For Young Adults Reissue