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He Is Tall. Insists It’s Always Been You

The Danish singer-songwriter stands heads & shoulders above the competition.


He Is Tall. claims It’s Always Been You in his sweet and sincere new EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Despite the stage name of Danish musician Troels Thorkild Sørensen, he isn’t all that tall. But when his guitar is alongside him and he occupies stages across the country, he grows. Originally from Mårslet, near Aarhus, He Is Tall. towers while working his melodies for a live audience.

This year brings us his debut EP It’s Always Been You and the project’s lead single New York. Singing over a slow guitar, He Is Tall. tells the tale of spending the day with a mystery character in New York at some point in the past. He wishes his previous companion well in whatever they’re up to now and contemplates if life will ever bring their paths together again.

The tone of the track conveys a mix of emotions — an appreciation for what has become a wonderful memory, a longing for a time that has come and gone, and a curiosity for the questions we don’t always get answersed. This is a common theme throughout the EP.

“The songs are circling around people I have met throughout my life and how every single destiny is unique,”Sørensen says. “What our struggles are, when we are on the bumpy ride from adolescence to adulthood. The road is undulating and it’s possible to crash anytime, due to whatever might come at you: inner and outer expectations, unrequited love, addiction, mental illness, loneliness, toxic masculinity — boiling in one big cauldron.”

He Is Tall. takes the listener on a journey through the course of the project, and he said that the creation of it opened his eyes to some of life’s greatest truths, too. “The EP has also been therapeutic for me to write and record, and it has (almost) helped me accept that it’s impossible to circumvent all the complications of adulthood,” he explains.

He Is Tall. made an impressive first impression on the Danish underground music scene. In 2019, he released the songs Little Brother and Dad. They both grew to reach beyond Danish borders, featuring on playlists and getting airplay on American and Dutch radio stations.

Danish indie label Møs Møs signed He Is Tall. shortly after the release of Dad and he has since worked on loads of new music, culminating in his debut EP in 2022. He has played as the support act for artists such as Tyler Childers, The Divine Comedy and Leoniden, and he has been linked with American musician Jeff Buckley, too. Though his musical setup is a humble one, He Is Tall. has found inspiration from country and hip hop, and he merges this into his own honest sound.

Check out It’s Always Been You above and below, and follow He Is Tall. on Instagram and Facebook.


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