Vivienne Cure Makes You Squirm With Paranoia

The British goth-rocker takes no prisoners with her darkly compelling new single.


Vivienne Cure gets under your skin with her darkly haunting goth-rock single and video Paranoia — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Boasting electric lo-fi percussion and seething metal elements, Cure’s vocals haunt the melody of her latest single. Paranoia is a TV set to static before the paranormal comes to reclaim. It’s a sanity-questioning anthem set to stun. Cure takes no prisoners; a siren in a lake of rushing, industrial hard-rock water. It captivates and claims the oxygen in the air, leaving you gasping for more.

The British-born Cure is both a musician and visual artist. Her tenure in the arts bleeds together the elements of experimental soundscape doom metal and alternative gothic. “My collection of musical works lay at the centre of a vortex of swirling fragments of deeply personal memories driven by my inner war and reaction to society’s underlying sadness,” she says.

As she delivers tastefully dark aesthetics with an eccentric horror appeal, Cure creeps into your mind when your inner sanctuary blinks blankly, seeking refuge in someone else’s understanding. Cure cuts through the mundane, and sears life back into the void. Her lyrics invoke, provoke, question and answer.

Cure is a testament to the amalgamation of hard rock, industrial, and gothic beauty. Her music is the passageway between the real and what could be. She taunts you with what you know to be true.

Watch Paranoia above, check out the track below, and follow Vivienne Cure on Instagram.