The McAuley Boys Can’t Wait To See You Smile

The London, Ont., brothers bank on human connection in their silky-smooth single.

The McAuley Boys have love in their sights with their uplifting new single I Can’t Wait To See You Smile — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Brothers and bandmates Gary, George, Mark and Randy McAuley deliver a silky-smooth auditory experience with I Can’t Wait To See You Smile — while reckoning with the cold new reality forced upon us by the polarizing pandemic. George McAuley captures the spirit of the music when he says, “It’s a timeless song that has a far-reaching sentiment. We need more smiling and more love in our world today … and always.”

The irresistible charm of I Can’t Wait To See You Smile finds its origins in a demo assembled by Mark and Randy. Once those foundations were laid, an assortment of harmonic embellishments were applied to bring the song to life. As Gary puts it, “With a song like this, it really comes together when we get into the studio to do the record. Harmonizing and layering the background vocals is always a treat!”

The message of the song is inspired by Mark’s spiritual journey through the pandemic. “The world slowed down and then stopped, and it gave us some time to reflect and think about the things that are most important to us,” he says.

Putting family and art above all else, Mark draws on the connection with his daughter Malia, and a perfect stranger named Richard, to make an emotional statement about the profound nature of human kindness. “This song is for Malia and Richard and for all the people who put light in our lives with their smiles; that simple human gesture that says ‘I see you and everything is going to be all right.’ ”

The McAuley Boys’ 1997 Juno-nominated album In Another Lifetime — along with their hit cover of Andy Gibb’s I Just Want To Be Your Everything — took them around the world. From charting singles to their performance of O Canada at the MLB All-Star Game in Cleveland, The McAuley Boys have always had an undeniable way with a song.

Check out the animated lyric video for I Can’t Wait To See You Smile above, hear more from The McAuley Boys below, and see them at their website, Instagram and Facebook.


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