Jai Bentley Feels Burned By His Latest Flame: ‘I Met The Devil’

The Canadian singer-songwriter has a few choice words for an evil former girlfriend.

Jai Bentley learns that romance is hell on his latest single I Met The Devil — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Featuring an intricate, charismatic blend of contemporary sonics, pop fundamentals and laid-back heartbreak, I Met The Devil is a tale of a domineering, toxic love that feels inescapable. The Ontario singer-songwriter’s latest track was inspired by a former love with an ego complex. Despite having similar interests and a strong connection, Bentley knew the relationship was bad for him: “She was evil in the sense that she had all the power over any boy who wanted to be with her. She was one of those girls that all the boys drooled over and wanted to be with. She knew it — and she was proud of it.”

Bentley is a 21-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Raised on the outskirts of Toronto by his mother, Jai was introduced to music early on in his life. Realizing that he had a potent ear for music, good music came naturally to him as he defined his voice throughout his adolescence.

In 2019 Jai released his first single Fiction. His ability to convey deep meaning and vulnerability through his music has made it easy for him to reach out and relate to his listeners on a personal level, as he confesses the trials and tribulations of former relationships.

Producing his music at home, Bentley redefines the meaning of “bedroom producer” as he creates powerful tracks. Working closely with independent producers, he uses his ability to pick out excellent compositions and add his unique flair to them. Once he has settled on an appropriate vibe and timbre, the long haul begins as he sits to mix and master everything himself. Ever diligent, Jai tries to release new music almost every month.

Check out I Met The Devil above, hear more from Jai Bentley below, and meet him on his Instagram and TikTok.