Chris Antonik Follows His Own Lead: ‘I’m Just Gonna Trust In Me’

The Canadian blues-rocker blends political commentary with some fierce fretwork.

Chris Antonik goes his own way on his searing new blues-rocker and video Trust In Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I wrote this song as a commentary on how toxic, childish, and mean politicians were becoming in the media in the years leading up to the pandemic,” says the Toronto singer-guitarist. “As a single parent, I needed to work extra hard to drown it out and outweigh it with positive behaviour examples for my kids because there was no help from the top. How we talk to people is important and it’s incredible how crazy the world was getting in this respect.”

The fourth single from his chart-topping latest album Morningstar, Trust In Me features one of the fiercest guitar solos Chris has ever recorded. “Musically, I required this sort of modern, chaotic, industrial-type vehicle to tell my story and to deliver the song’s ferocious and intense guitar solo,” he explains.

Photo by Kirsten Sonntag.

The track also includes a beautifully chaotic and mind-bending soprano sax solo by 2022 Maple Blues Award winner Alison Young. “Sonically, her contribution matches the frustration and confusion of the lyric’s theme, but also has a desert / mystical / Duran Duran, Union Of The Snake vibe,” Chris says.

Since his nomination for Best New Artist at Canada’s Maple Blues Awards in 2011 in the wake of his debut album, Antonik has been delivering innovative and thoughtfully crafted songs that transcend expectations of the genre. His sophomore album Better For You was hailed by critics as “the best Canadian blues-rock album of 2013” and “a masterpiece.” His self-produced third studio album, 2017’s Monarch, further expanded the boundaries of his sound, and was nominated for Songwriter Of The Year and Recording Of The Year at the 2018 Maple Blues Awards. Reviews for Morningstar have been stellar.

Watch the video for Trust In Me above, sample more sounds from Chris Antonik below, and find him at his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Photo by Kirsten Sonntag.

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