Tinnitist TV | Episode 60: Chris Cresswell Of The Flatliners

The Toronto punk vet talks New Ruin, his band's anniversary & regretting their name.

Being in a relationship for 20 years is easier said than done. Being in a punk band for 20 years with the same members? Next to impossible. But somehow, The Flatliners have managed to pull it off.

Formed back when they were still in high school — and yes, they named themselves after the 1990 horror movie — the Toronto foursome began as a ska-laced outfit, but quickly branched out, eventually crafting a sound that’s anchored in punk but not bound by it. Their just-released sixth album New Ruin is the culmination of all those years of evolution — a powerful, pointed and polished work that fuses propulsive tracks and topical lyrics with singalong melodies, sharp hooks and big anthemic choruses. Just before getting back on the road, singer-guitarist Chris Cresswell got on Zoom to talk about celebrating their anniversary, the unique creation of New Ruin, and how he feels about that band name after all these years.


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