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Zenia Marshall Issues A Challenge: Prove Me Wrong

The Vancouver singer and actress plays truth or dare in her latest single and video.


Zenia Marshall dares you to be real in her new single and video Prove Me Wrong — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Prove Me Wrong is an atmospheric synth-pop single revolving around the tug of war between one’s inner jaded cynic and relentless hopeless romantic. The rhythm and web that Vancouver pop singer-songwriter Marshall creates for listeners paint a picture of two hands guarding and guiding our protagonist through the unpredictability of love. As you listen closely, you can hear the rhythms and instrumentation change as our protagonist becomes “more vulnerable,” asking for real love while ever so hesitant to be burned again.

“It’s the fight between the natural tendency to shield oneself with doubt all while wanting to be proved wrong,” Marshall reflects. “It’s the classic love story between hope and fear. And what we’re willing to give into.”

Prove Me Wrong captures that spirit perfectly; with wistful hymns that lull us into a delicate yet powerful airy landscape of silky vocals, it’s hard not to draw parallels to the ignorant bliss that comes with the honeymoon stage before reality sets in.

“I’m always intrigued by all the things that people don’t say,” Marshall says. “The thoughts, fears, and worries that are unspoken through life and relationships. I think some of our greatest fears that make us feel like we need to hide away from the world are ironically the most common connection and universally shared secrets.”

An actress as well as a musician, Marshall got her start in cover bands, musicals and tribute acts. She has since appeared in Summer Of Dreams with Debbie Gibson and in Date My Dad. She has also guest starred on Supernatural, Van Helsing and Supergirl, and is a recurring guest on One Of Us Is Lying. While Marshall is well known for her TV and film appearances, it doesn’t stop her from bringing her love for live performance into the studio to deliver an extraordinary listening experience.

Marshall uses alternative pop as a vessel for her stories, recalling emotional expeditions and transferring them to an alternative ethereal sonic world. She co-produces and guides each song to explore a lush dreamy airy landscape of nostalgic vocals, atmospheric guitars, and swirling synths creating a sonically cinematic celestial blend of pop.

Watch Prove Me Wrong above, sample more from Zenia Marshall below, and head right to her at website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.