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Albums Of The Week: The Lounge Society | Tired Of Liberty

The young British rockers come on strong on their passionate, poised debut album.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Returning for the third time to the studio of Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey, Hebden Bridge’s The Lounge Society are back — this time with the mindset of crafting a debut album conceived of desire, raised by collaborative muscle memory and kept beating by the sacred heart of emotional spirit.

Recorded over two weeks in November 2021, Tired of Liberty is a stunning, ubiquitous snapshot of instrumental meltdown and timeless adolescence. Keen to uphold the manipulated elasticity of a recorded event, the majority of its 11 tracks (with the exception of Generation Game, which saw its beginnings as part of the Speedy Wunderground 7” series, and was subsequently re-recorded), were written either just before, or throughout the duration of those fortnight sessions.

A rarity for most bands, The Lounge Society function best as a collective entity. With no core leader, everything from the sources of inspiration, to the lyrics themselves, is handled collaboratively, and with equal merit; as they strive to create a self-sufficient creative unit, larger than the individual. Far from a documentation of disenfranchised youth, Tired Of Liberty seeks to overthrow with striking articulation.

Stirringly fearless, it masterfully combines archetypal storytelling, with as many disparate principles as introspectively possible; capturing the aural shifts in time and attitudes between Generation Game and where we join The Lounge Society now.

Brimming with myriad anthems, this is the real deal. Genuine urgency from a group of young creatives living and breathing their inaugurated prime, with breath-taking, anarchic-proficiency. Whether it’s “lies drenched in sarcasm” (Blood Money), or the clattering, riff-screaming irony of Remains, The Lounge Society’s deep-rooted inversion towards our “culture of anti-freedom”— the ludicrous excuses man makes for the ceasing of mankind — is one which is both culturally associative, and, counterculturally embracing.

Whether its personal growth, banded maturity, or a hearty combination of the two, Tired Of Liberty is an expertly captured documentation of four young-adults, at the baptism of their cultural-ignition. After all, you only get one opportunity at a debut record. “Anything that follows, is just an evolution from that.”


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