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Ava Della Pietra Dares You to Play Truth Or Truth

The singer-songwriter & Broadway performer tells it like it is on her debut EP.

Ava Della Pietra gets in the game with her debut EP Truth Or Truth — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The culmination of a busy year for the rising singer-songwriter and Broadway actress, the EP features five original songs — including the brand-new single Depend On Me, an uplifting ballad about self-confidence. “Depend On Me is about independence and knowing that I can count on myself to overcome obstacles,” Della Pietra reflects. “I think it’s important to be self-reliant so I can learn and be confident in my own decisions.”

Della Pietra has emerged as one of the most promising young artists on the pop scene today, having already established herself on the Broadway stage in the original cast of School Of Rock. Her previous singles include Long Way Home, I’ve Been Thinking and My Boyfriend, a dreamy song about new love. Her track Power Of You reached No. 21 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart, alongside artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift, while Optimist was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting award by The Great American Song Contest.

For as long as she can remember, Della Pietra has been drawn to music. But she wasn’t just listening to it; she was creating it. A multi-instrumentalist who plays piano, bass, guitar, violin, and ukulele, she began performing at age four and writing songs at age five. By the time she was 12, she was starring in School Of Rock, having already toured the country in the national tours of White Christmas and Les Misérables.

For Della Pietra, songwriting and performing is something that has always come easily. She’s been featured on shows like Good Morning America and Sesame Street, performed at the Sundance Film Festival and the Great South Bay Music Festival, and even played Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 Knicks fans. Recently, the New York State School Music Association Calls for Creators Competition Songwriters Showcase named her the 2021 winner for her songs Optimist and Moon, while the New York Young Performer’s Prize competition awarded her second prize for her performance of the song Popular from the musical Wicked.

With Truth Or Truth, she took a more organic path, even as she prepares for the release of a more pop-centric album over the next year. Working with producers Will Hicks (Ed Sheeran, Jamie Lawson, Beyoncé), Steven Martinez, Adrian Gurvitz (Andra Day, Ziggy Marley) and Jimmy Greco, Della Pietra has written more than 130 songs, many while quarantining with her family on Long Island. “My creativity was really flowing, I would just sit right down and write a song. My newer songs are based on emotions that I am feeling in my every day life.”

Confident, talented, smart and focused, the world is, as they say, Della Pietra’s oyster, something she isn’t taking for granted. “I am going to take things as they go and continue to share my experiences with people,” she said. “No matter what I do when I get older, I will always keep releasing music.” While the topics of her songs range from friendships to love to self-empowerment to world issues, Ava spends a lot of time with her lyrics when she’s writing, knowing that they will always be a place in time that she has captured. “Music is such a powerful way to convey my thoughts and ideas, it’s like a journal, a true snapshot of my life. Looking at it retrospectively, it has helped me discover a lot about myself; I hope my songs do the same for others.”

Check out Truth Or Truth above, stream the EP on your preferred service HERE, watch the videos below, and keep up with Ava Della Peitra on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.