Zach Oliver Falls In Love At The Coat Check

The Canadian indie popster’s latest single spins a sweet tale of infatuation at the club.

Zach Oliver checks out his latest infatuation at the Coat Check in his sweet new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Coat Check is a tale of summer love fueled by the innocence and charm that inspires love at first sight. The picture-perfect storytelling in the song is woven into the highs and lows of the Canadian alt-popster’s mellow production style, which features smooth synth pads and teasing drums that lure the listener into the track. Within a moment’s notice, the music picks up and the intensity becomes clear, hyperbolic of the daze that sets over our young protagonist as his confidence slips away and he makes eye contact with his dream girl.

“It’s the classic love at first sight story about having no idea what to do next or how the person captivates you,” Oliver agrees. “You already know they’re so much cooler than everyone else in the bar without even talking to them.”

Oliver figured the warm summer days of July would be the perfect time to release the track, which he worked on with Keegan Beach and Damian Birdsey. “We honestly were so excited that summer was on its way, and really wanted to set that scene of you and your pals going out for a laugh in the middle of July — and falling in love with a girl at the bar,” Oliver says.

Zach was eight when he first watched School of Rock and knew music was his life. From there, he begged his mom to teach him the bit of guitar she knew, and began connecting his obsession with storytelling musicians and his newfound passion. Encouraged and empowered by a music teacher, he was introduced to recording and mixing practices early on. Oliver has released over 60 songs independently.

Watch the video for Coat Check above, hear more from Zach Oliver below, and check in with him at his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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