Polarity Hit You Hard Enough to Cause A Destruction Of Memory

The Canadian rockers come out swinging with a seven-minute studio performance.

Polarity live in the moment with the studio-performance video for their song Destruction Of Memory — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A winning combination of grit and musical expertise, Polarity come out swinging with a sophisticated track that attracts audiences who appreciate craftsmanship, creativity and compelling lyrics. The first of three releases scheduled for this summer, Destruction Of Memory — recorded and filmed live in the tudio — is an electrifying recording fuelled by exploration.

“We’ve never done anything conventionally, so recording these new songs live off the floor is something that really allows us to invite our listeners into songs created completely organically and authentically,” says vocalist Jasmine Virginia.

A seven-minute epic, Destruction Of Memory asks listeners not to be fooled by all the noise in the world and instead examine their own experiences and personal truths. Dubbed “cinematic rock” by producer David Botrill, the song is a theatrically engineered soundscape that acts as a visceral commentary on the human condition. Philosophical themes of indoctrination and authoritarianism are traversed as Polarity take listeners on a lyrical expedition through space and time.

In collaboration with Juno-winning producers Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmerman, Polarity’s latest group of songs was recorded at Jukasa Studio, home of recording acts such as Alexisonfire and Protest The Hero. The recording was filmed live by renowned videographer Mike Filsingerand (30 Seconds to Mars, Three Days Grace).

Polarity are the result of a musical friendship lasting over a decade, and have grown steadily since their inception in 2008. “Our goal has always been to make music that makes a positive impact, and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon,” says guitarist Michael Sitana. Vulnerability is encouraged, expressed, and complemented by a rhythmic sensibility that cuts through the static and connects with audiences in a meaningful way.

With four studio albums guided by Grammy-winning producers like Bottrill and Joao Carvalho — and hundreds of Canadian shows under their belt — Polarity continue to be one of the most consistent DIY bands working today.

Watch the video for Destruction Of Memory above, check out more from Polarity below, and connect with them at their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.