Violet Vopni Exiles You To The Friendzone

The Manitoba artist turns an unforgettable party into her latest pop-rock single.

Violet Vopni puts you firmly in the Friendzone in her new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Featuring head-bopping beats, a bubbly groove, and a wailing guitar solo, Friendzone navigates the journey of walking into a party, detecting some strange and possibly flirty vibes, and setting some friendly but unmistakable boundaries.

Inspiration for the song sprang from the time Vopni’s girlfriend took her to what she now refers to as a Michelle party — Michelle being a host known for intricately decorated themed “rooms” in her home. “I’ve been to some crazy house parties, but I wasn’t expecting to see Michelle’s various themed rooms – from Nintendo to classic horror to a fully operational romance dungeon to a stripper pole,” Vopni recalls. “Not only was the décor 1000% on point, but the rooms were being used as intended by people I had just met.”

Vopni was able to relax and have fun — once she realized other attendees would respect her boundaries. “These people became some of my closest friends, and eventually I loosened up about what was going on in the rooms,” Vopni explains. “I realized that nobody was going to make me go in any of those rooms and do anything unless I wanted to, and that was a comfort. But everyone did flirt with me in ostentatious and overt ways the first time I met them, and that was a new and scary experience for me.”

Vopni is an Indigenous and Icelandic singer-songwriter from Manitoba. Her journey as a lyricist and composer began with her song Dreaming, which was released in 2020 through alt-metal band Helfreya. Vopni’s songs range from upbeat pop to smooth jazz to heartbreaking ballads and everything between. She draws inspiration from her relationships, as well as her ancestral history as a Metis woman. Vopni advocates for those affected by mental health and addictions, and her single Joseph shares the story of her great-grandfather who was born in 1900, fought in the First World War, and struggled with alcoholism.

Vopni has released three albums — Unacknowledged and Shieldmaiden in 2020, and The Things We Don’t Know in 2021. Friendzone is the first single from an album set for release in 2023.

Check out Friendzone above, sample more music from Violet Vopni below, and find her at her website, Facebook and Instagram.