Fox Fagan Has A Groovy Exit Strategy: Let’s Get Lost

Indie-rock goes disco in the L.A.-via-U.K. multi-talent's gift of musical escapism.

Fox Fagan hits the open road for a musical joyride with his latest single and video Let’s Get Lost — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The U.K-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist heads off the beaten track on his latest offering, mixing indie-rock and disco grooves with lyrical escapism to craft a song that breaks the mold while designing a new one. Fittingly, it’s the leadoff track from his new solo EP Daydream Mindtones, a self-produced collection of tracks with eclectic forays into psych-rock, chamber-pop and alternative.

Fagan’s diversity and extraordinary talent have landed him a variety of major gigs and guest spots. Currently he plays bass for Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), platinum Israeli artist Ninet Tayeb and ’90s pop icons Wilson Phillips — when he’s not touring Australia to sold-out crowds or playing with Teleskopes, an acclaimed L.A. space-rock group.

Photo by Jon Delouz.

Not surprisingly, when it came to Daydream Mindtones, he wasn’t sure what name belonged front and center. “I wasn’t sure if I should release this stuff under my name, or start a new artist project and give it a name,” Fagan confides. “One name I had come up with was The Daydream Mindtones. I ended up using that as the name of this first EP. I call it my first because it’s the first one I’ve really created, and produced it all. I’ve gone through a lot with these songs and it’s definitely time to let them go and find new homes with whoever is listening.”

The EP’s first single Gotta Get Out unleashed newfound artistic freedom in Fagan, who began writing songs with an unending creative license. “It led to hitting the guitar a certain way that sounded cool enough and then going to a song with two chords, my I-IV banger Let’s Get Lost,” says Fagan. “I was bingeing disco — Chic mostly — and wrote a song about wanting to leave, and leave the world and my phone behind.”

Watch the video for Let’s Get Lost above, sample songs from Daydream Mindtones below, and find Fox Fagan at his website, Instagram and Facebook.


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