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Albums Of The Week: Greg Puciato | Mirrorcell

The ex-Dillinger Escape Plan frontman explores the darkness on his second solo set.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Mirrorcell is the second studio full-length LP from Greg Puciato, following the debut 2020 studio full-length Child Soldier: Creator of God and the audio/visual release Fuck Content. All music, lyrics, and vocals were written and recorded by Puciato, except for drums by Chris Hornbrook and additional vocals on Lowered from Reba Meyers. Mirrorcell was produced and mixed by Steve Evetts and mastered by Alan Douches.

“So here’s the other thing: I found out two days ago that my record leaked,” Puciato wrote on June 24. “Not a big deal, only a week early, not like last time when it was a month. I felt zero neg emotion. Ultimately who fucking cares? At the end of the day nobody is gonna remember, — your album is either gonna resonate with people and find people or it’s not. There’s a lot more time in front of us … a week right now is whatever. So I made the decision to drop the Bandcamp digital now (at the) highest quality digital possible, and I threw in the a cappellas and instrumentals of all of the tracks. I’m gonna toss in more extras too, I’m just crunched for time over here in Europe on this Cantrell tour. But yes I’m gonna keep adding bonus shit to the Bandcamp digital version. Which, again, is out now.”