Justyn Thyme Gently Reminds You It’s Been A While

The P.E.I. singer-songwriter takes you on a healing journey to help you shed burdens.

Justyn Thyme helps you lighten your load and embrace a simpler life with his meditative and reflective single It’s Been A While — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With deft acoustic fingerpicking and gorgeous, well-timed harmonies, It’s Been A While takes you on a healing journey through a landscape of letting go. Thyme sings of shedding heavy layers — the things that once protected us but that are now just a burden. “They may have kept you comfortable / But you won’t need them anymore” he explains. His voice is rich and honeyed and melodic, and when the song ends with the simple yet soulful words “Welcome home / Child of God,” it evokes the feeling of having completed a spiritual quest and an emotional catharsis.

“This song to me is speaking of leaving behind the world that we know and that we’ve created for ourselves and getting back to what’s been there for us the entire time,” Thyme explains. “It’s about recognizing the folly of our ways, accepting it, coming to terms with it, and letting it be a thing of the past.”

Thyme is the artistic emancipation of ECMA-nominated Music PEI award winner Justyn Young, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and child of Charlottetown. Having developed a sound inspired by a collage of influences ranging from East Coast roots and Americana to Mongolian throat singing and modern soul fusion, Thyme delivers a freshness of insight and musicality which reflects his deep relationship with self and the world. His rhythmic blend of neo-folk, bluegrass, world and funk rivets bare-bones beauty against undeniable smoothness and flow, both sharp and mellow in its attempt to create something powerfully authentic.

Thyme often performs in-studio collaboration with some of the island’s most talented musicians — many of whom he calls friends. On this song, that includes Jonathan Gallant on drums, Logan Richard on bass, Ben Aitken on keys, Josh Langille on electric guitar and Connor Nabuurs on trombone.

Check out It’s Been A While above, sample more music from Justin Thyme below, and find him at his website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.