Tinnitist TV | Episode 55: Art Alexakis Of Everclear

The rocker talks bringing the noise, being proud of your scars, his driving skills & more.


If they ever make Survivor: Rock Star Edition, bet the farm on Art Alexakis.

Over the course of his six decades, the founder, frontman and sole permanent member of Everclear has been through — as he puts it — the wringer. Hardship and poverty, death and loss, addiction and divorce; you name it, he’s faced it. More recently, you can add MS and Covid to the list of obstacles in his life. But through it all, Alexakis has kept plugging along and moving forward. He’s released nearly a dozen albums with Everclear and one without. He’s scored hits like Santa Monica, Heroin Girl and I Will Buy You A New Life. He’s toured relentlessly. He’s acted in movies and on TV. He’s campaigned for various humanitarian causes. And he’s been sober for more than 30 years. He’s got plenty to celebrate. So this year, he’s taking a moment to look backward by reissuing Everclear’s gritty debut album World Of Noise and embarking on a 30th anniversary tour with Fastball and The Nixons. From the lounge of his tour bus, Alexakis Zoomed in to talk to me about being proud of your scars, bringing back the noise, his questionable driving skills and more. Enjoy.