Elliott Novak Wonders: Why Does Everyday Start With Goodbye?

The Salt Lake City songwriter examines one of life's quirks with his latest release.

Elliott Novak ponders one of life’s daily disappointments with his heartfelt new roots-pop single Why Does Everyday Start With Goodbye — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Salt Lake City songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s inspiration for the tune began innocently enough, but quickly became much more. As Novak says, “I kept thinking about how everyone — including me — puts all their hopes into finding that special person to share their life with… Only to end up spending most of their time apart.”

As Novak began to reveal his debut single to colleagues and friends, the song’s message immediately resonated. “When I first started showing people the song on the piano, everyone was like, ‘You’re right… Why DOES every day start with goodbye?!’ ”

While Novak’s masterful instrumentation and songwriting prowess in Why Does Everyday Start With Goodbye serenade the soul, the lyrics are brought to life by the talent of a vocalist known simply as Sylvie, whose raw performance complements the nuance of the song.

Having been a successful songwriter for many acts across the United States, Novak decided to hone his artistic skillset further with his first solo demo release in 2020. Starting every song on the piano, Novak would find his niche harnessing the music he grew up to in the suburban outskirts of SLC. “I grew up in my dad’s truck listening to the AM country station,” Novak recalls. “I think this song really shows the influences of where I come from, and where I am now.”

Listen to Why Does Everyday Start With Goodbye above and below, and say hello to Elliott Novak on Twitter and TikTok.