Tonia Evans Cianciulli Shares A Double Dose Of Motherly Love

The singer-songwriter's son and daughter co-star in her latest singles & videos.

Tonia Evans Cianciulli keeps it all in the family with her new singles and videos Always Her Home and Hold His Heart —two songs created with her children — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Written and recorded with Cianciulli’s son and daughter when they were each six years old, Always Her Home and Hold His Heart are tender reflections on love and parenthood. Always Her Home is an emotional duet with her daughter Sophia, created when the youngster needed the comfort and care only a mother can give. Hold His Heart, meanwhile expresses the bond between Cianciulii and her son Anthony. The heartfelt videos for both songs were filmed on iPhones by family, and illustrate the intricate and intimate relationships found in loving families.

A multi-talented performer, public speaker, award-winning author, mentor, opera company foundress, songwriter, recording artist and self-described “unabashed fan-girl of the creative spirit,” Cianciulli combines her creative skills in this close-to-her-heart project. With these two new songs and her second book Flick Your Heart-Light On, Let Your Fears Be Gone, she hopes to start an important conversation with her audience, particularly mothers and their children. Illustrated by daughter Sophia, the book has been called a must-read for parents and children at a time when mental health is an overwhelming concern.

“The first version of the book was written in a couple of hours for one of my cousins to read with her seven year old, whose unexplained anxiety had started overwhelming her and her mother,” explains Cianciulli. “It seemed the book effortlessly spilled out onto the pages, but it was only because of the years of trial and error with myself and my children. This is a perfect example of how we can help others through the pain we have already endured.”

This wisdom and insight come from both experience and education. Cianciulli has home-schooled her children for seven years and is also completing her degree in counseling psychology. She has been with her children every step of the way as they’ve navigated the rough waters of growing up. They’ve faced the tragic death of a friend, crippling anxiety and the dangerouspitfalls of social media.

“I thought perhaps teaching my children long division and fractions would be the most challenging part,” she notes. “What proved to be the most heart-wrenching and helpless feeling part of the journey has been standing with them while they process the many emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of being children and teenagers.” Always Her Home and Hold His Heart pay tribute to those foundational years and Flick Your Heart-Light On, Let Your Fears Be Gone aims to pass it forward to help other families.

Watch Always Her Home and Hold His Heart above, sample more music from Tonia Evans Cianciulli below, and connect with her at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.