Deborah Lynn Is Finally Into Something Good

The rising country-pop artist celebrates the joys of positivity with her latest single.


Deborah Lynn stops looking back in order to move forward with her sophomore single and video Something Good — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Channeling her country music influences, the award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter tells an enchanting tale that upends the lovelorn love-song formula with a bright reflection on personal growth and overcoming obstacles. “This is a song about letting go of the past, learning from it, and knowing that if you are patient enough, good things will come your way,” she shares.

It was a tactic she employed to write the song. “I tend to focus on the painful moments of my past when writing songs,” she reveals. “My producer wanted to focus on something with a positive message.” Thanks to that shift, the warm tone embedded within the harmonies of Something Good perfectly complements the meaningful message in the lyrics.

Lynn effortlessly shines with her uplifting vocal presence, which comes accompanied by textured guitar work that provides a heartwarming sensibility to the song. The expert production is reflected in the refined sonics that unlock the true potential of Something Good as an anthem for moving toward life’s greener pastures.

Born in Stirling, Ont., Lynn has been honing her singing and songwriting skills from a young age. After years of being consumed by entrepreneurship post-college, a fateful trip to Nashville would reignite her musical spark. Her career quickly caught fire, as she topped on the Canadian Indie Country Countdown with her debut single Revive A Ghost. A recent Josie Award nomination for Best Female Country Song is only the latest landmark in her burgeoning career.

Watch Something Good above, listen to the track below, and keep up with Deborah Lynn at her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.