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Albums Of The Week: Adédèji | Yoruba Odyssey

Brace yourself for a joyful collision of Afrobeat, jazz & funk from Lagos' hippest band.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Adédèjì’s album Yoruba Odyssey is a project that goes back to the core of his very roots. The result is a progressive jazz-funk record, influenced with vintage Afrobeat and Yoruba eclectic sounds, that greatly reflects Adedeji’s youth in the metropolitan city of Lagos.

The 10-track set is an educational, entertaining, feel-good, funky album that chronicles his interpretation of the music and artists that have influenced him, from soul to jazz to blues to funk to the traditional Yoruba music he grew up hearing.

Yoruba Odyssey was recorded during this days in Lagos, Nigeria, at the legendary Afrodisia/Decca Studio that has housed giants like Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and many more.The album presents authentic and personal ideas with tremendous harmonies and tight arrangements. The nine-man band includes some of Nigeria’s best studio musicians, including the grooviest rhythm section, a splendid horn section that adds to the Afrobeat-influenced sound, and beautiful male and female backing vocals that reference Adédèjì’s gospel roots.

The lyrics in his tunes are sung in Yoruba, English and Pidgin English. In the words, Adédèjì is reigniting with the traditional identity of Yoruba culture. Even though the arrangements are of a level you would think would take a year to record, this group sound effortless and full of energetic joy. That’s because they are the hippest band in Lagos! They know their roots and they know the music that has influenced the world since the ’70s. If you love James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Prince, George Benson and, of course, Fela Kuti, you are most likely to love Adédèjì!