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Girl Pow-R Chart A Course For A New Sonic Galaxy

The Juno-nominated girl group launch the title track from their sophomore release.


Girl Pow-R reach for the stars with their latest single Galaxy — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Juno-nominated Toronto girl group — including Emma Bown, Cindy Kofman and Carina Bianchini — have been inspiring audiences and motivating young people since bursting on the scene in 2017. The pop / dance outfit found one another on International Women’s Day, and have been leaving their indelible mark on the music community ever since.

Now they’re back with Galaxy, the title track from their sophomore release. The electro-pop single launches a new sonic era for the group. Produced by Jovan Jovanov and Ivan Jovanov, the song speaks to the greater purpose of the group — reminding fans that nothing is impossible and that you have to aim for the stars.

Galaxy is all about leaving your mark and chasing after your dreams no matter how big they may be,” says Korman. “We will learn to conquer the whole galaxy, as we are determined to make it! We want the listeners to know that we are coming out strong with our new music and plans, and we can’t wait to make our dreams come true! We hope to inspire everyone to go after their dreams no matter how big or small they are!”

The music and the messaging are appropriate for all ages, as Girl Pow-R continue to provide family-friendly music that’s both exciting to dance to and it provides uplifting messages with clean lyrics. “We collaborate on the songwriting, but sometimes we will break off into groups,” Bianchini explains. “Our producer Jovan gives us ideas for the style of our song, and we come up with different concepts and experiment with lyrics; typically the music comes before the lyrics. I believe our music stands out because of the messages we promote that stand behind anti-bullying and self-confidence.”

Girl Pow-R have earned legions of fans the world over, boasting hundreds of thousands of streams and spins online. Beyond the music, the group provides a visual component to their tracks and hits the road performing at hundreds of appearances per year. Their music earns steady rotation in radio and has become internationally recognized both by the sheer number of fans and equally impressive accolades. The video for Galaxy is slated to drop soon.

Galaxy started from an idea about using outer space as a metaphor for all of the big things we want to achieve, and places we want to go,” says Bianchini. “There is no limit on what we and our fans can achieve. We hope that listeners can feel inspired to achieve their goals after listening to this song because if it’s possible to go to space, which the world has already done, then it’s possible to do anything.”

Adds Bown: “Galaxy is basically a symbol for us (and our fans) achieving great things that are ‘out of this world.’ The inspiration came from wanting to write a song about the future and how we can reach our goals.”

Listen to Galaxy above, sample more music from Girl Pow-R below, and rocket over to their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.