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Albums Of The Week: Sons | Sweet Boy

High-volume, high-velocity garage-punk dominates the Belgian rockers' sound.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Amps up to 11, phasers set to stun and off they go! Sons are back with their second album Sweet Boy — a furious and insanely catchy slab of rock ’n’ roll full of pulsating guitar riffs, drums that getting a serious beating and singer Robin Borghgraef spitting his lyrics into the mic as if to get rid of a foul stench in his mouth.

It’s clear that the last couple of years left its mark on the gentlemen from Melsele (North of Flanders, near Antwerp). With Sweet Boy, the band have made — in their own words — a coming-of-age record. And no wonder: The years have been a balancing act for a band that threw itself headfirst into the rock ’n’ roll mayhem and now have to rhyme getting older and getting settled with their wild hope and dreams of the ragged rockstar life. Sweet Boy is an album that builds on the foundations of their debut and adds at least four more storeys. Their solid garage-punk is firmly anchored in the American West Coast tradition — pedal to the metal, looking to the future, and dusted with echoes of contemporary post-punk, ’90s guitars and a touch of psychedelia. But above all: conviction.”