Tinnitist TV | Episode 45: Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats

The Canadian hardcore vet talks growing up in punk, offstage pursuits & much more.

Punk is a young man’s game for the most part — with a few notable exceptions like Cancer Bats.

The Toronto hardcore outfit have been doing their thing for nearly 18 years now and show no sign of slowing down. Even the recent loss of co-founding guitarist Scott Middleton didn’t stop them; bassist Jaye Schwarzer simply strapped on a six-string, stepped into the breach, and the Bats went back to work, writing and recording their new seventh album Psychic Jailbreak. Cut in their second home of Winnipeg, it’s every bit as relentless and unstoppable as Cancer Bats themselves, smacking you right between the eyes with another high-voltage, high-velocity amalgam of roiling mosh-pit intensity, sludgy metal riffage and frontman Liam Cormier‘s sinister shredded-larynx vocals. A few weeks before Psychic Jailbreak escaped into the world, Cormier Zoomed in from his home in Halifax to talk about growing up in punk, his off-road offstage pursuits, what the future holds for Cancer Bats. Enjoy. Then read more about the album HERE.