Village Manor Pay Tribute To That Special One

A heartfelt message and an uplifting instrumental meet in the folk-rockers' new cut.


Village Manor celebrate finding that Special One in their new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Canadian folk-rock group’s latest song is a heartfelt story that naturally fits the uplifting instrumental arrangement and speaks to the rhythmic chemistry of the band. Bright guitars and splashy drum fills are seamlessly interwoven with warm vocals to create a sound that is recognizable yet distinctly different.

While Village Manor’s robust musical style blends well in any setting, the origin story of this collection of musicians is anything but ordinary. The band started in Toronto in 2018 before founding members Sam Kay and John Weinberg would meet the other bandmates through a series of chance and cosmic encounters. Village Manor acquired singer Mike Levine, who was was performing with his Tragically Hip tribute band. The group quickly rounded out with the artistic talents of bassist/sound engineer Mike Grundy and renowned percussionist Corey Weinberg.

After starting as an open-mic covers band, Village Manor quickly got serious. Their debut single Gunsaway, released earlier this year, deals with the prevalence of gun violence in society today. They are currently writing and recording the rest of their debut album.

Watch the Marilyn-centric video for Special One above, sample both their singles below, and visit Village Manor on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.