Stereobabe Are Rollin’ Like A Tumbleweed

Hit the highway. put the top down & crank the cross-border's duo road-trip anthem.


Stereobabe are blowing down the road like a Tumbleweed in their breezy new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A road-trip anthem anchored by a crunchy pop-rock riff, laced with handclaps and topped with a singalong refrain, the breezy single from the international duo is made to be played loud as you cruise down the highway with the top down.

“While in pandemic lockdown, we started jamming a riff together,” says Stereobabe — aka Leann Banks (The Von Bondies) and Ted Lamont (Blasternaut). “We ultimately thought the word Tumbleweed fit really well, and gave us a lyrical direction to take the song It also gave us a direction to drive! So we finished writing the song and started planning a road trip to the American southwest to film the video. Ultimately, this desert road-trip song is about life, love and adventure.”

Influenced by an eclectic myriad of musicians, Stereobabe list everyone from Sloan and Pixies to The Beatles and New Pornographers among their inspirations. Their first single Pandemic Love chronicled their cross-border relationship — she’s from Detroit, he’s from Windsor — and their clutch of exciting covers and originals have garnished them hundreds of thousands of views.

Alongside the single, Tumbleweed’s home-movie video documents an epic road trip from Michigan to California, taking in national historic sites and tourist attractions along the way.

Watch the Tumbleweed video above, listen to the song below, and follow Stereobabe on Facebook and Instagram.