Lazy Habits Make Some Serious Waves

The U.K. hip-hoppers set their hard-hitting new track to a vibrantly intense video.

Lazy Habits most definitely do not live up to their name with their ambitious, hard-hitting new single and stunning video Waves — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A powerful and propulsive cut laced with spirited brass crescendos and driving string staccatos — accompanied by an eye-catching cinematic video that combines animation and live action — the latest preview of the U.K. hip-hop band’s forthcoming album Vermillion Sands takes its inspiration from the dystopian futurism of J.G. Ballard (Crash, High-Rise).

“I think one of the reasons I write about dark subject matters is as an opposition to the lifestyles we are constantly sold through pop music,” frontman James Collins shares. “I guess it could be considered a red pill/blue pill moment. There are enough love songs out there. I have always read a lot — lots of Ballard, Poe and authors who have a great imagination and are people drawn to the human condition. What we consider acceptable behaviour doesn’t fit the personalities of everyone. This is about overcoming and learning and to function and live in the world that surrounds us.”

Lyrically, Waves focuses on change — the dilemma that comes with breaking a cycle, or parting the waves. It’s what Collins faced while penning the album as his daughter’s due date quickly approached, knowing it would affect the writing.

Lazy Habits specialize in gritty yet melodic anthems; their productions shake floors and rattle windows while maintaining an underlying current of finess. Aiming to stand out in the crowded scene of London, they take a unique approach by including two drummers and sizeable brass sections; their infectious sound and genre-bending prowess elevate this group above the soundalikes and imitators.

After their self-titled debut album reached Top 10 on the iTunes U.K. Hip-Hop chart, Lazy Habits released their followup The Atrocity Exhibition in 2016. The album was greeted with glowing reviews, soaring into the Top 20 iTunes Hip-Hop chart in the U.K. and Europe. From there, their single The Breach found rotation on radio; the accompanying video starred Taron Egerton (Kingsman, Rocketman), and their single Feed the Brass was featured on Shameless.

Watch Waves above, sample more of Lazy Habits’ music below, and find them at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.