Kareem Dives Deep With Latest Single I’ll Choose

The Viennese singer-songwriter drops a powerful electronic/dance single & video.


Kareem takes a more personal approach on his new single and video I’ll Choose — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The compelling electronic/dance song — which boasts a distinctive sound that reminds you of Flume meeting The Weeknd — delivers a clear message: Keep believing in yourself even after setbacks. “We all have bad days and for some reason they seem to consume us sometimes,” the Vienna-based singer-songwriter and performer says. “I think it’s important to allow those feelings and actively choose to overcome them — that’s what the song is about.”

Kareem‘s music and performances are heavily influenced by the magic of dance and movement. Combined with his professional training in urban and ballet dance and his Nigerian and Cameroonian roots, this results in a unique mix of electronic, dance, pop and house music that’s made to get you dancing right away and experience unforgettable moments.

Photo by Ina Aydogan.

Kareem, who was recently listed on FM4‘s list of Afro-Austrian Newcomers of 2022, is all about inspiring others and giving them a sense of belonging. “Because of my background, I know what it’s like to not belong, I know the feeling of insecurity that comes with that. Music gives me that feeling,” he says. “That special feeling of belonging, that warmth and sense of security is what I want people to feel. To feel safe as your own true self.”

I’ll Choose is the second song to emerge from his collaboration with renowned Austrian music producer and composer Phil Speiser (Dirty Disco Youth, Scooter), whose productions include features with Iggy Azalea, Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg. It will be part of Kareem’s first EP In Case We Meet, along with the debut single On To You, which has been streamed more than 350,000 times since its release in early February.

Watch I’ll Choose above, listen to the song on your preferred DSP HERE, check out more music from Kareem below, and find him at his website, Instagram and Facebook.

Photo by Ina Aydogan.