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Doug Henthorn Putting It All Down On Three

The Indiana blues-rocker ready to return with his impeccably produced third LP.


Doug Henthorn proves that Three really is the magic number on the Midwest blues-rocker’s upcoming album, due out May 6.

Dark, contemplative, soulful, hopeful and warm, Three finds the Indiana singer-guitarist at his most resilient and transparent. Having overcome personal health challenges, then weathering the pandemic, there’s been plenty of time for reflection. Heralded by the energized first single Forewarned And Failing, the album is impeccably produced and ranges from mellow and somber to straight-up hard rock.

“After releasing my first solo record Cold Medicine (2016), I encountered some health issues and found myself contemplating end-of-life scenarios,” Henthorn reveals. “I was writing a lot of material in this time period but didn’t feel right about releasing it after my recovery. I released The LLC (my second solo release) instead. With the onset of the pandemic, lockdowns and isolation, I found myself contemplating again — adding to the material I’d compiled years earlier, and wanting to release this material.

“It feels right to release now. It’s a bit dark and obviously contemplative, but really a very positive and hopeful record. Sometimes dark, sometimes poking fun at myself … I feel it’s the most honest record I’ve done to date. There are three covers on the record as well that fit perfectly.”

Doug’s been changing the oil in a number of projects since founding and fronting the now disbanded rock band Healing Sixes (2000-’14), but the focus has always been on his solo career. Doug’s also been honoured to share his voice and/or guitar skills with notables such as Joe Bonamassa, John Hiatt, Jason Bonham and Beth Hart. Doug continues to perform and record all over the U.S. and abroad while maintaining his residence in central Indiana.

Watch the video for Forewarned And Failing, check out Doug Henthorn’s music below, and keep up with him at his website, Facebook and Instagram.