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Agenda 109 Issue An Urgent Warning: Don’t Trust Anyone

A Scandinavian in Guatemala delivers a fist-pumping punk anthem from the ’70s.


Agenda 109 voice their suspicions loud and clear on their vintage punk salvo Don’t Trust Anyone — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A spot-on homage to the sound, style and defiant intensity of OG punk bands like The Clash, Don’t Trust Anyone — with its hard-charging beat, buzzsaw guitars, bounding bassline, shouted vocals and fist-pumping anthemic chorus — easily could be a long-lost deep cut from a forgotten ’70s band out of London or New York. Amazingly, it’s actually the work of a Scandinavian in Guatemala.

“I simply wanted to write a song capturing the high-energy output of the everpresent punk ethos,” Agenda 109 says. “The single is a heavy pumping energetic punk song, fierce and rough at the edges. What is it about? In a way, the title of this song says it all: Don’t Trust Anyone. That is what the song is about. However — and this is important — the point isn’t that we should go on mistrusting everyone. The real message is: Let the music eat up your negative energy and allow you to trust — people around you and yourself.”

If anybody knows something about going with his gut, it’s Agenda 109 — a Swedish one-man band enjoying life in sunny Guatemala. “Where I come from, it often felt that winter lasted forever,” he says. “Here, it’s spring all year around. This does have a positive effect on my output. And expat life in Guatemala provides endless opportunities for diving into music production!

“My father played the organ and the accordion, so I was surrounded by music from the start. I bought my first synthesizer when I was 17, and my first guitar a few years after that. I’ve enjoyed many years of playing together with friends in various setups, and that experience has been a strong support and help throughout my musical life. My solo career started in 2021. I’m excited to see where it takes me!

Don’t Trust Anyone is part of a punk project I started in December last year which will be completed in early summer 2022,” he explains. “Agenda 109 is all about rock music, spiced with a touch of pop and a spoonful of punk. Sometimes, a slow dish is provided, at other times, fast food is on the menu. The beat is the basis: This is rock music!”

Indeed it is. Listen to Don’t Trust Anyone above, check out more from Agenda 109 below, and follow him on Facebook.