MC Pipo & Doc Filo Breathe New Life Into Bésame Mucho

The Montreal rap duo spice up a Mexican bolero classic for their latest single.


MC Pipo & Doc Filo update a Hispanic classic with their new single and video Bésame Mucho — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Inspired by the romantic Bolero standard composed by Mexican pianist Consuelo Velázquez in the ’40s, the dynamic Montreal rap duo — assisted by vocalist Marion Brunelle — create a sultry dance between modern production and a love story as old as time itself.

“We like to merge many different styles of music and this song was perfect to make a version with our style,” they say of the track, which reproduces Velázquez’s bouncy keyboard style. “We wanted to keep the romantic concept while adding a splash of urban concepts.”

Bésame Mucho arrives accompanied by a full-scale video that offers additional visual tribute to the song’s timeless roots. “As the song is an old classic, we took inspiration from that for the video,” Pipo and Filo say. “We dressed like we were in the ’50s to bring the music of today to a past era. We had a lot of fun making the video and everything came out as planned. We are very proud of the work done and hope that our fans will like it too.”

For Pipo and Filo, the work started in 1995, when the two young rappers with similar ambitions and a deep-rooted passion for music were introduced to Bolero — a bittersweet yet alluring collection of love songs influenced primarily by Spanish musical styles. Pipo (Rick Alfaro) is a Venezuelan who found himself drawn to urban music at a young age. Filo (José Emilio Rivera) is a Salvadoran who has made music since childhood. As these two complement each other’s strengths and bolster each other’s weaknesses, their producer KingAlexBeats transforms their ideas into complete productions that mix musical styles.

Watch Bésame Mucho above, hear more from MC Pipo & Doc Filo below, and meet them at their website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.