Big Lou Has Got You — And By You, He Means Himself

The Caribbean-Dutch rapper shares a message of self-love with his upbeat single.


Big Lou delivers a message of self-love and optimism with the single I Got You — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Hailing from the thriving paradise of Philipsburg, St. Maarten, and back there after living in Toronto for 15 years, the Caribbean-Dutch rapper offers a sonic burst of positivity with I Got You, an upbeat rap song highlighting the value of loving oneself and embracing personal growth. Big Lou’s infectious enthusiasm is effortlessly conveyed through his cadence and flow, while drawing on his own challenges. “We all have our battles,” Big Lou says, “and we can all use some help.”

Big Lou’s brand of “happy rap” — along with his philosophy of authentically communicating through his art — springs from various hardships endured and lessons learned. The radiant optimism embedded within the thoughtful lyrics of I Got You is not born of naivety, but derived from a series of transformational events that provide context on the value of loving oneself. It’s the harmonic manifestation of pure musical sunshine, perfect for rhythmically uplifting any cloudy day.

Big Lou began his artistic journey by honing his lyrical penmanship and singer-songwriting skills in mid-2019, rapping for anyone who would listen. As he dealt with many personal hurdles, he launched the Go Produce podcast, which featured interviews with music industry professionals offering advice to up and comers. With experience, persistence, and determination, he would realize his musical vision with the debut single As A Crew, which got a positive reception. I Got You is the second single in a career that is on an upward trajectory.

Check out I Got You above, sample both of Big Lou’s singles below, and get at him on his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.