Tinnitist TV | Episode 38: Sam Jr. of Broken Social Scene

The singer-guitarist talks about his solo LP, rookie mistakes, building boxes & more.


You might already know Sam Jr. as a guitarist in Canadian collective Broken Social Scene. But with his debut solo album, he’s reintroducing himself. And breaking in a whole new sonic scene.

Instead of the intellectual pop artsiness of his main gig, Sam Jr.‘s self-titled release is a blast of old-school psychedelic guitar rock. We’re talking fuzzy riffs, wah wah-fueled solos, hazy vocals, funky bongos and trippy textures. We’re talking The Stooges, Jesus And Mary Chain, Primal Scream and others. And obviously, we’re talking about an album most BSS fans might not have expected from the Toronto musician. With all that in mind, Sam Jr. and I got on the Zoom this week to talk about the long road to his solo album, all the rookie mistakes he made along the way, how he likes being his own boss and a lot more. Enjoy. Then read my review HERE, check out his album and videos below, and get more Sam Jr. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bandcamp.