The Black Gasolines Take You On An Epic Ride With Furthermore

The Belgian art-rockers share a sophisticated slice of their album It Took A LIfetime.


The Black Gasolines are firing on all cylinders in their new single and live video Furthermore — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Furthermore bounds of the speakers, with rich use of saxophone, production elements, and harmonies, the track offers a modern take on the electrifying soundscape of the ’70s and ’80s. A twisting kaleidoscope that recalls Gowan and Men At Work, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Queen and The Beatles, Furthermore chases the listener into a labyrinth of big sounds and delectable lyrics.

Out to rewrite rock and roll history, the song lands on the heels of the theatrical Belgian art-rockers’ debut full-length It Took A Lifetime — a 53-minute-long rock opera about a guy called Krist Milkeyway who looks back at his life in the form of a talk show while being in a coma.

“We became inspired by the drama of the bombastic classical compositions like the Dies Irae by the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi,” they reveal. “And with the more modern theatrical rock sound of Electric Light Orchestra, Supertramp and Klaatu, we went to the countryside of the city Poitiers in the south of France, so the songs could be worked out in another environment.”

The Black Gasolines have continually pushed to have their art heard live as much as possible playing up to 45 shows per year. With their innate desire to bring their music to their fans, the group has made stops across Europe, including taking the stages in Ghent, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and London. Their single Long Way Suicide dropped in 2019; its successor Kangaroo Days made its debut in 2020. With It Took A Lifetime loaded and charged, the group are forging forward with their riveting stage show and an arsenal of epic tracks.

Watch Furthermore above, listen to It Took A Lifetime below, and find The Black Gasolines at their website, Facebook and Instagram.