Sarantos Reassures Us That Love ALWAYS Wins!

The Chicago singer-songwriter embeds a call for justice in a disarmingly sweet song.

Sarantos shares a message from the heart with his effortlessly charming single and video Love ALWAYS Wins! — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The award-winning Chicago artist’s inspirational song embeds an unapologetic call for justice and equal rights within a lively tune radiating with energy. To Sarantos, the song’s objective is simple: “to bring awareness to the struggle LGBTQIA+ individuals go through daily.”

“It’s sad that some in the world still carry hate in their hearts,” he says. “It’s sad the things some people have to go through to be treated equally. It’s not fair. Some of us never know what it feels like to be looked at that way. Some of us are privileged, yet think that our lives are so difficult. For this song, I thought about what I’d say or how I’d feel if my best friend or kid opened up to me and revealed that they were gay. I realized nothing would change. I wouldn’t love them any less. I wouldn’t want to hang out with them any less. They would still be my best friend or my kid. And I would still be me.”

Showing love to the Windy City in his video, Sarantos delivers his message with beautiful cinematography and imagery that offers a story of hope. The footage showcases the colourful landscapes of Boystown, the first officially recognized gay village in the U.S.

Love ALWAYS Wins! is the latest song in a repertoire of upbeat music from an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries. The bold and dynamic approach Sarantos has taken with his music has garnered Grammy considerations, Top 10 spots on independent charts, and frequent radio play around the world — all without a record label. On a lifelong mission to bring his art to the masses, he has written some 4,000 original songs over his career. Sarantos also puts his money where his mouth is, donating a portion of all proceeds to charitable organizations with the hopes of inspiring other artists to do the same.

Watch Love ALWAYS Wins! above, hear more from Sarantos below, and follow him on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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