Blackout Orchestra Would Like To Touch Tongues

The Toronto electro-rock duo won't take no for an answer in their sexy new track.

Blackout Orchestra sweet-talk you with their seductively smouldering new single and video Tongues — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Sexy, sweaty, slinky and sizzling, the lovesick slow-burner from the Toronto indie-rock duo of Ben VanBuskirk (vocals, music) and Morgan Thompson-Reid (vocals) swaggers up to you, breathes heavily into your ear and refuses to take no for an answer, never wavering in its ability to draw you in, hold you in a trance and bring you back for more.

“In an album largely about dreams, this would be the erotic one,” VanBuskirk says. “I think of it as the other side of the coin from Nowhere Near The Looking Glass from the first album. Where that song was about getting into a relationship or situation that you knew was going to end badly but you choose to do it anyway, this song is about having the feeling and faith that a relationship could turn out to be something amazing despite all the signs pointing to it being a bad idea.”

Their sophomore album Beauty Sleep is an eight-track strong LP due out August of this year. “In the general sound as well as the lyrics, I used the idea of that state between sleep and awake — when you first wake up and it’s a brand new day but you still have the lingering emotions of the dream you had the night before — the little bit of confusion about what’s solid and real while you shake off those last impressions of the dream or nightmare,” VanBuskirk adds.

Tongues also comes with a tantalizing video, shot primarily in a black and white. With VanBuskirk and Thompson-Reid trading shots on the screen, there are plenty of intimate moments shared, levelling up on the overall sexiness of the song. Check out the clip above, sample more of their music below, and touch tongues with them at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.