Nothing But Real Find Adventure Behind The Door

The sound of the French alt-rock quartet comes to life through mysterious characters.

Nothing But Real look for you Behind The Door on their eye-popping circus-themed video for their single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Taken from their upcoming album Lost In the World — due March 25 — the song is about admiration for another and the toxic relationship that results from it, the French rockers say. “We have all had someone we admired (who is) a charismatic, ambitious, and dangerous personality. While we know he is toxic, he manipulates us, he is evil, we do not care. We want to be his shadow. So we hope to follow in his footsteps behind this door.”

The vibrant video is also part of a longer narrative involving the band and an alien named Sakar who is stranded on Earth: “Having defeated the Snake Eyes, Sakar discovers a mysterious marquee hidden in the forest. Despite losing his powers when he crashed on Earth he engages in it and faces a new threat, manipulator Shadow. Sakar will find the bandmembers and rescue them … The relationship between the characters begins.”

Nothing But Real are an alt-rock band from Paris, drawing together eclectic influences from fusion, stoner rock, film music, pop and electro. Self-described as “a double-headed hybrid animal carried by a powerful and light alternative rock,” the band take their audience into a unique and visual world inspired by manga, comic books, films, video games and mythology.

Recorded at Studio Cream with Yohann François (Théo Tams, Greg Nori), and mixed and mastered by Y. François, Lost In the World was created over an extended period of time. “The song Lost In The World for example, was composed in 2007 to pay tribute to my grandfather to whom I did not have time to say goodbye,” says guitarist Tom. “Here I Am was composed in 2008, and Behind The Door in 2013. After this long process, it feels so good to have succeeded in giving birth to these songs.”

Nothing But Real include Hanta (lead vocals), Tom (guitar, backing vocals), Eghan (drums) and Victor (bass). They released two singles in 2019 — Don’t You Know and Noisy Mind — followed by an eponymous debut album in 2020.

Watch Behind The Door above, check out more from Nothing But Real below, and keep up with them at their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.