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Albums Of The Week: CMAT | If My Wife New I’d Be Dead

No points for spelling — but the Irish country-pop singer-songwriter more than makes up for it with her breezy delivery, sweetly soaring vocals & playfully clever approach.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:CMAT is a country/pop singer-songwriter — think Elle King meets Orville Peck. All her songs are written with a literary panache in true Irish tradition and with tons of wit. She has a quickly growing cult fanbase with sold-out shows and strong physical sales.

CMAT — real name Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson — is a true career artist with a deep knowledge of music and pop culture and a dazzling personality. She is a global pop star who lives in Dublin with her grandparents, where she is currently recovering from an AliExpress addiction. Her influences include Dory Previn, John Grant, Paris Hilton, XTC and KFC.”