Sonic Reducers | Juno What Time It Is

The Juno nominations came out today — and we have something to say about that.


Another year, another round of Juno nominations.

To tell you the honest truth, I’m just not that interested. I glanced at the list, and while there were some deserving names that jumped out at me, for the most part I found it divided between the usual crop of pop / R&B superstars I don’t care about and a ton of TikTok-type newcomers I’ve never heard of. That’s my take, anyway. To hear my pal Eric Alper‘s take, tune in to today’s episode of Sonic Reducers. Punch play to watch us run through this year’s top Juno nominees, talk about who got snubbed, discuss the increasing number of acts whose fame springs from social media, and celebrate the fact that two albums nominated this year have the F-word in their title. Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.


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