Carlo Capobianco is Sleeping With The Enemy

The Winnipeg popster continues to push the boundaries with his sexy flair.


Carlo Capobianco admits that Sleeping With The Enemy is still better than sleeping alone in his new synth-infused electro-pop single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Hot on the heels of the sultry single Pray To You, the Canadian singer-songwriter continues to push the boundaries with his unapologetically sexy dance tune — this time an imploring request for release from a partner who is unequivocally wrong for him.

Sleeping With The Enemy, if even more so than my last single Pray To You, is what I believe to be the epitome of my album,” says Capobianco. “Sonically, it is like a dark dream or a Tim Burton story. I wanted to make sure that the feeling of unknowingly, or knowingly, loving something so deeply — can be as euphoric as it can be blinding.”

Capobianco’s alluring vocals carry the track through its spellbinding theme of lust and romance, utilizing tantalizing melodies over his flair for ’80s new-wave. A modern take on an age-old theme, Sleeping With The Enemy accepts as it begs, pleads as it welcomes.

But Capobianco’s stories truly come to life in his videos; his Bowie-esque androgyny and Prince-like allure deliver a modern take while nodding to the pop and glam-rock stars of the past. “We shot the music video at the beautiful Mariaggi hotel in the Exchange District in Winnipeg,” he reveals. “That gorgeous hotel has several themed suites, and we chose Rome. The video was directed and produced by Leigh Lugosi, a new friend and wonderful creative partner. The concept and idea came kind of naturally, and I thought that filming it in a hotel was kind of ironic.”

Capobianco’s debut EP Pray To You is set to be released in spring, and includes Sleeping With The Enemy and the title track Pray To You. The seven-song set has been a passion project of the artist. “I am glad to say that the record is finished, and I can’t wait to get it out there into the world, as the story really does connect fully when listened from top to bottom,” he says.

Watch Sleeping With The Enemy above, hear more from Carlo Capobianco below, and connect with him at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.